Curb Appeal
By Alyssa Martner / June 1, 2017

Curb Appeal: Your Home’s Profile Image

We’ve all heard the saying, that “you only get one chance to make a good first impression.”  On social media such as Facebook, a person’s first impression comes from their profile image.  The same can be true when it comes to the outside appearance of your home–it's called "curb appeal."Read More

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By Emily Hoefler / May 1, 2017

How Many Paint Colors Should You Use in Your Home?

Paint color is one of the easiest ways to freshen up a home. It can be changed more easily than countertop or flooring. And I think it's safe to say that the right paint color for a room, however light, dark, subtle, or bold, can really make it feel like home. But is there such a thing as too much or too many colors for one house? Read on to see some tips.Read More

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Design-Build Process
By Emily Hoefler / April 3, 2017

That was Easy

If you could make life simpler, would you? Like using the Staples easy button in their commercials, I think we all wish we could just push a button to get something done. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case when it comes to a remodel. There is so much that goes into remodeling even just one room of a house (and even more when it’s an addition or a whole house remodel). Some of the steps to completing a project include: • Design • Selections • Permits • Schedules • Working around weather for exterior spaces • Construction and installation It can seem overwhelming to even begin when you know what’s ahead. In the final installation of our Design-Build Series, we will be talking about the last portion of the benefit of using a design-build firm: it’s simpler. No matter what avenue you use to complete a remodel, all of the previously mentioned steps need to be completed. But there are some ways you can make the process easier on yourself by using a design-build firm. Here are three ways the Design-Build Process is simpler: 1. Everything is one place All of your designs, selections, schedules, and trades are in one place. There is no back-and-forth or go-betweens when one firm takes care of everything. Even in the workers are sub-contractors, they are all coordinated by the design-build firm which takes the pressure off of you. 2. Permits and Building Boards are taken care of If you do a project yourself, you...

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Design-Build Process
By Emily Hoefler / March 1, 2017

Time is on Your Side

Time is of the essence. Time is money. Time flies. It’s a matter of time. No time to lose. No matter what idiom you use, people value their time. One of the questions we ask people when they first inquire about a project is “Do you have a start or end date in mind?” We know people want things done quickly or in time for a certain event.Read More

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Design-Build Process
By Emily Hoefler / February 6, 2017

Collaborative Design

Who doesn’t like choices? Going through the remodeling process might seem like an endless list of choices, decisions, revisions, and possibilities. But would you really want someone to make the decisions having little to no input? And with something so personal like your home, why would you want to settle for anything less than exactly what you want? This is the second blog in our Design-Build series where we’re breaking down the benefits of the design-build process. Today we’re focusing on the second aspect: it’s collaborative.Read More

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By Emily Hoefler / December 23, 2016

12 Days of Christmas Care & Creativity

This Christmas season, we're revisiting some of our favorite creative solutions (or #WallnerSolutions as we've started calling them). To tie it into the Christmas season, we've been pairing them with Christmas Care tips on how to make Christmas easier, more fun, and a little bit sweeter. These are our 12 Days of Christmas Care & CreativityRead More

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By Emily Hoefler / December 1, 2016

Keeping Design and Budget in Step

Budget. Everyone has one. No one has infinite money (don’t we all wish we did?) and that means that a remodeling project has to stay within a certain price. The two complaints people seem to have about remodeling is being over budget and behind schedule. The second of those we will cover in another blog post. But the first one is something we recently had a wake-up-call experience with that I’ll tell you about later on in this article. This blog post is the first of several in our new Design-Build series. We’ve found that many people don’t know what a Design-Build firm does or how it can benefit them and their project. So we came up with a definition of our own that we’ll be expanding on in the following blog posts. Design-Build Process noun: A less expensive, more collaborative, quicker and simpler means for completing a remodeling project. In this post, I’d like to focus on the first part: it’s less expensive. Lower Upfront Cost For one, there is a lower upfront cost associated with working with a Design-Build Firm as opposed to working with an architect. And a lot comes along with that. In our process, we go through as many design reviews as clients need and make sure to have all of the selections made on the front end. There is a lot of preparation and work put in before we actually get to construction. Lower Overall Cost Sure, builders and remodelers can get better pricing...

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By Emily Hoefler / November 3, 2016

Pros and Cons of Kitchen Islands

When we’re first meeting with clients for an initial consultation about a kitchen remodel, one of the most common things we hear is “we really would love to have an island in here.” People see pictures of luxury kitchens with a large island online and on TV and think they just have to have one. In general, there’s nothing wrong with this. Those kitchens are beautiful. The problem is that not every kitchen can have an island--and not every kitchen should. Why do we say that?Read More

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By Emily Hoefler / October 15, 2016

Think You Have No Design Sense?

This post first appeared on Improvenet. You walk into a room in your house and take a moment to really look at it. You know it’s not working. Maybe it’s outdated with cabinets straight out of The Brady Bunch. Or maybe the layout is doing nothing for the space. Or maybe things are damaged like cracked tile or a leaking drain. Whatever it is, you want it changed. Many people will start by going to or and begin looking at ideas. You might see some ideas in a lifestyle or design magazine. Or maybe your friend recently remodeled and you want a kitchen just like theirs, only with your own personal flair. You like those counters, that flooring, and that light fixture . . . but how do you put it all together? You might be hesitant to start a project because you don’t think you have a clear sense of design. Fear not.Read More

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By Emily Hoefler / October 6, 2016

How Lighting Affects Paint Color

At least once a month, we get an all too familiar question on our project pictures on our profile. The one thing people want to know over and over again: What is the wall color? Of course, there is a short, easy answer to this question. And of course, we have this information on file and let the user know. But there is always a second part to our answer because we never want someone to make the same mistakes we have. Perhaps you know this already, but lighting greatly affects how a paint color (or any color or finish on anything) looks in a given space. We never want someone to take a color from one of our pictures and then paint their whole space thinking it will look the same. The sad truth: it almost never will. We’ve made this mistake. On one project, the couple went through the paint fan and picked a color that everyone agreed would look fabulous. Then, after the color was on the walls, it became clear that it was all wrong. The culprit was lighting. Ever since that project, we’ve started painting sample boards--these are poster-sized boards that we can easily move around into different lighting, and they’re also large enough to get a better idea of what the color will look like instead of the tiny chips you get from the store. It’s amazing how the same thing happens almost every time. The client will pick out a few of...

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