Dear Homeowner,

Here you can meet your home remodelers. These are the people behind the company name and those that will be most active in your project.

We know that remodeling is never an easy process. Minor home improvements can have a major impact on an active family. Lifestyle modifications are life-changing events. A carefully-planned remodel project with a detailed schedule helps to provide a semblance of sanity and a steady stream of hope.

Whether an evolution or transformation, the design phase will be a collaborative process. Together, we’ll improve your life by improving the function of your home. You’ll hear us ask things such as:

  • Why do you want to change your home?
  • What expectations do you and/or your family have of your home that are currently unmet?
  • Are there features and amenities that you would like to include?

Alyssa Martner – Marketing Coordinator

Alyssa graduated from UW-Whitewater in Creative Writing where she also extended into a real interest in marketing.  She now joins as our Marketing Coordinator to help maintain our brand and manage our online presence. Alyssa is also the editor of our monthly newsletter, “The Wallner Street Journal.” She has already brought new ideas to Wallner Builders, especially when it comes to our marketing objectives heading forward.

As an advocate of the company, Alyssa creatively finds new and unique ways to help maintain and expand the reach to potential new clients through online posts and interactions. Not only does she serve as the promoter of the company, she also is the first impression of Wallner Builders for clients and callers. Her dedication to project fulfillment and client centricity are apparent, as is her drive in continually advancing Wallner Builders.


Derek Ortlieb – Project Manager

Derek Ortlieb has over a decade of experience in the remodeling industry, 6 years of project management experience, and is also a state certified dwelling contractor. He was immersed in the remodeling and home repair world at a very young age and loves helping people.

Derek enjoys solving problems and will explore all possible solutions until finding one that works. As Project Manager, he will help keep projects going smoothly by making sure they’re on time and under budget.

Ron Klassen – Principal and Lead Designer

Ron Klassen, CCP, CAPS, CKBR President, Princiapl & Lead Designer A graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Ron loves a design challenge. Always seeking knowledge and the best design for each project, his clients benefit from improved function in a timeless style while maximizing the return on investment.

Dedicated to the betterment of the building industry and it’s impact on homeowners, Ron serves as Vice Chair of the Remodeler’s Council and is engaged in the Building Codes Committee at the Metropolitan Builders Association (MBA). He is also actively involved at the Milwaukee chapter of the National Association for the Remodeling Industry (NARI) participating in the Certification Committee.



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